About Us

Guava Systems Corporation is a leading supplier of sophisticated storage, HPC, and OEM solutions, serving customers ranging from enterprise to SMB, as well as SOHO and digital home applications. Guava’s award-winning products address the business challenges posed by a new generation of data-intensive imperatives through advanced engineering, technical development, and industry-leading OEM relationships.

Products and Services

We offered one-stop service, from your concept sketch to production runs. We maintain good communication throughout the process to deliver your job on time.

– Concept and Design

– Sheet metal and aluminum extrusion design

– Mechatronics design

– Prototyping and Molding

– Server storage components, such as bezel, cable, bracket

and PCB/PCI, etc.

– Branding

– Device Assembly

– Full Production Capability

– Custom engineered solutions and more…

Our in-house team of engineers collaborates with you to develop a unique solution and guide you through our comprehensive design and production process.

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